Monday, 25 June 2012

Traffic Counter

Do you know when you want to start a business you actually have go to the location and do a survey to check how the crowd is and if you are going to survive for the next 6 months to one year? If it’s a small company then it is most likely the boss will actually do it themselves, but what about the big ones? Of course, they will hire someone to count the traffic and these people are called traffic counters.

So where do you apply for the job? Obviously you have to register with a job agency that provides job opportunities either for permanent, contract or part time. During registration, tell them that you want to be notified whenever a temporary vacancy is available. You might be wondering, who needs traffic counter? The ones who use the service are always big retail companies like Watson, Kenny Rogers and etc.

 So how about working hour? For short term and temporary job it usually lasts for 1 to 3 days. One day on weekdays and two days on weekends. You have to work from 10 am until 10 pm. You will alternate between working and resting for every half an hour. The pay is quite high at about RM100-200 per day. The work that you need to do is like doing census only that you work at a shopping mall. Moreover, this job does not require high skill level nor do you need any certifications.

What this job requires is dedication and honesty. Employer relies fully on you to find out whether the business venture is going to be successful or not in the future. As the name suggests, you count the number of people that pass through the area and record down their gender, race and age. You need to fill up the data for every hour.

You will be informed about the location where you have to do the traffic count. For example: the location is Carrefour and the lot is 19220. Make sure that you know the exact location of the lot. If you’ve never been to the location before, take an initiative to check out the place beforehand.

Don’t forget to bring along all the necessary items to help you do the job like stationery (book and pen) to keep the record of traffic count. As this job requires high level of concentration and tiring, you have to get enough rest to do this job well. You also have to make sure that you write down the data as instructed by the employer.

It is vital that you remain discreet and hidden from the public to make your job easier. Don’t spend your time speaking on the phone or talking with passersby as it will make you lose focus. Although you don’t have to report to anyone, your employer can come at any time to check on you.
When your working hour is over, you have to submit a report from the traffic count to your employer via email on the same night or the next morning at the latest.

Regarding your pay, it will be managed by the job agency hired by your employer. You will get your pay in two to three days through bank deposit.
The job is tiring but it is fun for those who dislike working in the office. It’s a short term job and relatively easy and the pay is very reasonable as well. How about you try applying for it?

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Silence A Snorer

Snoring is not just a simple problem of annoying noise during sleep. It is a critical problem that can rock a marriage and this is not exaggerating it. Those who sleep around a snorer such as spouse or roommate can develop a symptom called Spousal Arousal Syndrome (SAS).

The sleeping partner will be disturbed multiples time in an hour and they can lose their sleep in average an hour or two although they may not recall waking up in the middle of the night. This will result in fatigue, irritability, and many other sleep deprived problems. Certainly, the only way to overcome this is for the sufferer to take intervention step and stop the snoring once and for all.

There are two ways to go about curing snore : surgical and non-surgical method. Surgery is proven to be an effective snoring cure but there are many of us who shiver to even think about going under the knife. Hence the snoring cures discussed in this article are all about non-surgical method to cure snore.

First, you can try changing your sleeping position. Sleeping on the side or on elevated bed head promote better airflow to ease your breathing. Snoring is, after all, the result of the narrowing in the nose, mouth or nose. It should be noted though that severe case of snoring won't improve just by simply changing sleeping position.

The next snoring cure you can try is stop drinking alcohol. Alcohol will loosen muscles and if the muscles of your tongue, nose and the surrounding ones become too relaxed, the airway for your breathing becomes smaller and resulting in snoring. Certain medications for deep sleeping can result in snoring as well.

There are also devices designed to stop snoring. These devices stop snoring by holding your jaw forward and holding the tongue in the process as well. This will ensure that the airway will maintain the normal passages throughout your sleep. There are downsides of wearing the device though. You may suffer from excessive salivation, jaw joint problem as well as the pricey device.
If your nose is suffered from allergies or irritation, then you may use nasal sprays to cure it. The spray can clean the nose from the irritants (dust, smoke and pollen) present. You can also cure the swelling of airway passages that always happen when you have colds or infection with nasal sprays like steroid spray or nasal decongestants.

That's it for snoring cure tips. It is vital though that you first consult your doctor to ensure that there is no underlying medical condition that causes the snoring. People with higher risk of heart disease, stroke or hypertension usually suffer from snoring too so take note of that.

Monday, 4 June 2012

Kak Teh -My Life Story

My real name is Saadiah binti Kamarudin and i was born on 26th April 1964 in Kuala Gula.
Kak Teh  is the nickname that people called me since i was small . I was the eldest of the seven siblings.
To help ease the burdens of my parents , i would help my father to earn extra money and go to the sea.
As there are a lot of members in the family , as the eldest child i felt  the need to carry some of the responsibility hence besides helping father , i also helped mother with her small business.

After i got married ,all business matters and responsibilities our handed over to me. Alhamdulillah , with the help of my beloved husband Dzul , the business thrived our marriage also is a blessed with four children .
After spending sometime doing business, i felt the urge to do something for a change. Then i involved myself
doing activities in village called "Aktiviti Sahabat Hutan Bakau". It really brought a refreshing change to  my perspective as i learned how to appreciate natures.

Of course , just appreciating  the nature itself won't do much good as proactive actions are needed from our part  to ensure  that we can preserve the nature as much as we can . I learn how to replant mangrove seeds as mangrove forest is important to the vilaggers at the sea side, like Kuala Gula , my place of birth for example . Apart from that , i was thought how to produce handcrafts from wastes that you can find in abundant easily like empty cans ,bottles,newspapers and etc.

Making handcrafts its not and easy things to do , hence i learned from various places in order to refine my skills. Thanks to a lot of hard work and diligence , now making handcrafts is almost a second nature to me .
Orders are pouring in too ,both from local and overseas. Of course i'm grateful to allah for this huge blessing.
CIMB bank also contributed a lot to Sahabat Bakau, the organization that introduce me to world of handcraft - making . The fun allows me and my friends to produce various  from shells, clams and others that i personally look for and bought to produce nice and beautiful handcrafts.

If anyone is interested to buy handcrafts , you can contact me at 010-3967421 or email at . You can also send me a PM to kakteh kraftangan on facebook.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Samsung Smart TV

Let me share with you my experience using Samsung Smart TV,an LED TV with the capability to connect to internet either via LAN cable or wireless.Personally , i find that the quality of the picture is awesome and really satisfying .This is series is the upgraded version from the 2010 version . one of the stand out additions is Smart Hub feature. Smart Hub offers several gapps like your video (Youtube)internet browsing , movie on demand (for korean users) and all share (apps found in a number of smart phones like Galaxy S2, Galaxy Tab and a select few of cameras). The Smart TV also has USB serial port to allow you to wacth videos,picture and listening to music by connecting with USB pendrive or external hard disk . The series offers three different sizes: 55",46" and 40". The resolution is high ,at 2000000:1; one of the reasons that it is capable to give you superb picture quality. Samsung recommends that you use HDMI cable to get the best viewing experience. Samsung Smart TV also offers easy control as it uses touch panel for volume and channel button. There is also picture (PIP) function which you can use to see a preview of other channels without having to change the current channel you are viewing. The biggest drawback is the price: 55" is sold at 29,999, 46" at 12,999 and 40" at 8,999. This TV series is aguably one of the best offerings from Samsung but the hefty price tag would leave majority of its admirers just watching from a far.

Monday, 21 May 2012

Interesting Handicraft

I’d like to share with you a blog that I came across a couple years ago that sells handicraft made by the blogger herself. The seller/blogger is honest as I’ve dealt with her myself and I can attest to that. What I’d like to talk about is what she shared about handicraft products on her blog that might interest you.

For those who have a toddler or young baby right now, she can make a cute headband and baby booties for a low price. As you can see yourself from the post, she put up pictures to show the products she made herself so you can judge whether the headband and baby booties are to your liking or not. Of course you can ask her if you have specific request or needs as she has facebook fanpage for her business or simply leave your comment on the blog.

Apart from handmade products for babies, she is also capable to produce handicraft to be used as dowry. Although in the post she mentioned that the paper basket is used as a décor at her workplace, it can be used as dowry too. It’s nicely done and I’m sure you will agree and maybe get one for yourself too. Apart from the big paper basket, she also offers paper egg case, also for dowry. See it for yourself here.

She also offers what she called “multipurpose creative box”. You can use the small box for: egg case during wedding ceremony, accessory box, dowry, or maybe as a souvenir. The materials she used? Just discarded boxes and you can’t tell it at first glance as the end product is so nice. You can ask her to adjust the size of the box to suit your needs.

Hopefully you find this sharing helpful as I’m aware that lots of us are interested in handicraft, either we want to learn doing it ourselves or want to look for someone who is good enough to do it for us and offer it at a reasonable price. For me, with the quality of work she produced as shown in her blog posts, the price is reasonable and tough to beat. Interested? Try looking at it yourself!

Saturday, 12 May 2012

My Body Was Too Heavy and Toxic

Have you ever felt your body is too heavy that it feels like it’s not yours? You felt tired easily and always feel lethargic. These are the signs that you suffer from too much toxic foods. It is unfortunate that the amount of toxic that can be found in our foods today is alarmingly high.

 This is a pressing issue so severe that it needs immediate intervention before the effect becomes too much too handle. You can see this already around you; a lot of people fall sick, cancer cases are increasing and the obesity among kids is on the rise. These are the clear signs that there are too much toxic foods consumed. This article will discuss about the symptoms of toxicity, the main source of toxic foods as well as how you can detoxify yourself. Read more to find out.

Let’s look at where do the toxins come from. After all, it never occurs to you that there are toxins in the foods, doesn’t it? Brace yourself now. Toxic foods can be found in: artificial sweeteners, food preservatives, additives, sugar, trans fats, mercury, hormones, excessive caffeine, refined foods, pesticides and too much food in general. Wow, that is quite a list we have there. Eating too much food can be a toxic? Sugar? Yes, they are and all the items in the list too. Wait, doesn’t that seem like most of the foods we have today? Those that we can find in hypermarkets? Yes, you got that right.                                    

 This is what is said in the introduction, we have too much toxic foods nowadays and this is unhealthy, hazardous even now let’s look into what will happen if you consume too much toxin foods or toxins in general. Apart from easily tires out, which is the one of the earliest signs of toxic accumulation in your body, experiencing headaches for no reason or caused by stress is one of them too. Or you may have joint ache on certain days and feeling okay on certain days. Irritable Bowel Syndrome, or bouts of diarrhea alternating with constipation is also the indications of too much toxics accumulated in your body. Besides that, if you are plagued with skin rashes or irritation that come intermittently, or maybe your sinuses are stuffy every morning, all of them pointing to one thing: the accumulation of toxic in your body is increasing and it has taken its toll on your body. It should be mentioned though that while not all of them is the direct consequences of toxicity, it is at least the factor that worsens the condition.

What you should do then to stop from consuming toxic foods? After all, you have been relying on the toxicated foods for a while and you can’t see other alternatives.
Fortunately, there are many options to get healthy foods that are not toxic.  You can start with reducing processed and fatty foods intake. Drink plain water for at least eight glasses of water. This can flush out at least some of the accumulated toxics in your body. Try to choose organic products. They are less exposed to pesticides compared to commercial ones. In short, eat healthy diets. That would take care most of the toxic foods problem. Identify these: the symptoms when you consume too much toxic foods as well as the source of toxic in foods and how you can reduce the consumption of toxic foods in addition to the natural foods alternative that are more healthy and you are on your way to less toxics in your body.

Friday, 4 May 2012

Metrosexual Men

Who They Really Are Metrosexual. You might have heard people talk about it but maybe you are not sure yourself if you really understand what it really is. To put it simply, a metrosexual male is a straight man who enjoys things which were considered feminine or ‘girly’ in the past, like skin care and shopping. The term metrosexual first came about in an article published in 1994, though the term only gained the widespread fame it has today almost a decade later (in 2002 to be exact) when the author, Mark Simpson revisited the subject. In the article,Simpson described David Beckham as a poster boy of metrosexual. Now let’s imagine Beckham. What do you see? Yes, he’s handsome, with lots of money to spend and his appearance, clothes; all of them are top notch. He is the embodiment of metrosexual. Maybe some of us have the presumption that when a man looked all neat and tidy, with shaven face and glowing skin; he has to be a gay. Wrong. A metrosexual male just enjoy what would be considered as not manly in the past, though it is slowly changing. Skin care product for men is a thriving industry; it just goes to show how taking care of skin among men is fast becoming a norm and no longer be frowned upon. If you really think about it, there is nothing wrong in wanting to look good no matter the occasion. After all who likes a messy and dirty people? We’d rather have someone who cares about his appearance, so long as that said person doesn’t constantly asking us if he looked okay that day, then that would be really annoying. A metrosexual male likes fashionable clothes, stay up to date with current fashion, takes really good care of his appearance and lavishes some serious money for his maintenance (i.e. bi-weekly visit to beauty centre, skin care products and etc.) This is the reason that a metrosexual has to have access to best shops, clubs, hairdressers and gyms, hence the metro - for metropolitan as it usually has all the best stuffs. Hopefully you won’t mistake a perfectly straight guy for a gay, just because he looked all neat and tidy.Just think metrosexual men as overly conscious of their appearance, which they really are, and let them be. After all, don’t you glad that you befriend a person who takes care of himself really well?

Monday, 23 April 2012

Interview Preparation

Going to an interview without any preparation will most of the time, eliminate any chance you have of getting the job. You should prepare and follow the tips outlined below to improve your chance of landing the job you applied for. The first thing you have to prepare is to make sure that your resume is complete and updated as well as have at least two copies of your certificate and ID card. You don’t want to appear unprepared at the early stage when you failed to produce all of them as this is the basic things to do before any interviews. Do some research about the company you are going to interview for. This is to show that you have interest in the company and put in some effort to find out about them. You have to know the basic information of the company such as the field of the business the company is in. Find out what are the goals of the company. If you can tell them how hiring you will benefit the company and help them achieve the goals, you will improve your chance greatly to get the job. Besides research on the company, prepare answers for common interview questions. There are certain questions commonly asked during interview and some of them are:
- Tell us about yourself. You should answer this question by telling them your past experience or your career history. Highlight any achievements you have and tell them about your quality as an employee (e.g. the fact that you are a team player, hard worker, honest etc.)
- Where do you see yourself in 5 years (or any years in the future)Tell them you are looking for a long term employment and job stability. Don’t show that you want to use this job as a stepping stone for a better job in the future. Maybe you could tell them that you want to grow with the company (if the company is a start-up) or you want to be in higher position in the company and contribute even more to them.
- What are your qualities Highlight what are your best traits. Answer this question to match with the job requirement (e.g. if you are applying for sales position then you can say that you have excellent communication skills)
- Tell us about your strengths and weaknesses.

Answer this honestly. There is no trick to tell your strength to the interviewers but there is a correct way to talk about your weakness. While you have to be honest in an interview, try to tell a weakness that can be turned into a positive thing (e.g. maybe you are a perfectionist and sometimes spend too much time at one task to make sure it’s done perfectly.)
- Why we should hire you?What makes you better than any other candidates? Answer this and you can answer the question. Don’t betray your answer with low, unsure voice. Be confident and truly believe that you are better than other candidates.

Some companies will put you through a test (Mathematics/Malay/English/Computer) so make sure that you have all the necessary stationeries such as pen (black and blue) as well as calculator. When you go to the interview, make sure that you dress neatly. Wear long sleeves shirt, tie and shoes with dark socks. Never wear jeans and sport shoes to your interview. It’s inappropriate and shows that you are not taking the interview seriously. It makes the interview thinking that if you are not serious for the interview, what will happen if they hire you? First impression last longer after all so make sure that you don’t leave a bad impression on the interviewer. On the day of the interview, greet the receptionist politely and tell them you are there for an interview. Remember the name of the person that contacts you either via telephone or email. When filling up the forms use black pen and take your time to fill all the information correctly. Avoid making any mistakes or the use of liquid paper. After you are done filling the forms, inform the person who gives you the form, don’t just wait around.While you wait for your turn, try to recall the answers you prepared before about probable questions that may be asked. You may forget the answers due to nervousness so it is a good idea to go through all the answers one last time.When your name is called, try to calm yourself and be confident. Being nervous during an interview is common and the interviewers will understand. Over confidence, to the point of being cocky though is another matter as it will annoy the interviewers. You may have no control of how the interviewers are feeling about you but certainly behaving yourself appropriately is yours to decide. Before you enter the room, knock once or twice as a sign of respect. Walk confidently and make eye contact with the interviewers. Wait until they tell you to sit (don’t just barge in and sit right away - a sign that you lack manners and a company don’t want that kind of person).

Listen to questions they asked intently to show your interest (and listening skills) and answer when they finish asking a question. Don’t cut them when they are still talking. Give yourself some time to answer if you are not prepared for the question. One trick to do so is repeating the question while you think of the answers. If you don’t know some of the questions asked, just tell them so. Chances are the interviewers have the answer but they just want to test you out. Don’t just thoughtlessly giving nonsense answers. You won’t appear any smarter if you answer things you don’t even know about so honesty is best here. Show them that you really want the job by showing your enthusiasm when answering the questions. When the interview is finished, thank all the interviewers for their time (although you have the feeling that they are not interested in hiring you). This is to show that you are a decent person and may be you will be interviewed in the future for another position - never dismiss the possibility.

That’s it for interview preparation tips. Hopefully you put the information to use to help you getting the job. Good luck!

Friday, 13 April 2012

What Ingredients Can I Expect To Find In Teeth Whitening Gels ?

When picking a teeth whitening product, you want to feel 100% confident that the ingredients it contains won’t damage/harm your teeth and gums. For this reason it is only natural that you want to know what it contains. You want to keep your body safe.

Fortunately, when it comes teeth whitening products, the best kinds contain a combination of the following ingredients:

• Carbamide Peroxide - this is the most common ingredient in teeth whiteners, and is essential for converting coloured compounds into colourless compounds.Breaking down into hydrogen peroxide and urea, this allows oxygen to enter into your enamel and dentin, and bleach your teeth a lighter colour. Now of all the ingredients, carbamide peroxide offers the best pH balance and as such does not irritate your gums as much as other ingredients. Note: a solution of 10% Carbamide Peroxide will break down into 3% Hydrogen Peroxide
• Hydrogen Peroxide - this naturally occurs when carbamide peroxide is broken down, so it is not surprising that some teeth whitening products choose to skip a stage and start of with hydrogen peroxide.Compared to carbamide peroxide though, hydrogen peroxide is a lot weaker and has been known to irritate gums.
• Sodium Percarbonate - a common oxidising agent, sodium percarbonate dissolves in water to produce hydrogen peroxide and sodium carbonate. And it is the hydrogen peroxide produced from this reaction that helps to trigger active oxygen in your teeth’s pores.
• Sodium Perbromate - similar to sodium percarbonate, sodium perbromate acts as an oxidising agent breaking down and producing hydrogen peroxide.
• Propylene glycol - is traditionally used to stop the product from drying out.
• Fluoride - needs to be used with a ‘pinch of salt’ as excessive quantities can worsen discolouration as well as cause teeth degeneration.

It is easy to spot the theme amongs these ingredients i.e. the use of hydrogen peroxide to convert coloured compounds into colourless compounds. Yet these ingredients alone are not enough to produce quality teeth whitening. Their concentration can also influence their effectiveness at whitening your teeth.
When it comes to teeth whitening gel, it is recommended that you use no stronger than 16% Carbamide Peroxide as this is strong enough to help whiten your teeth by 11 shades in 2 weeks, without causing irritation.

Go any higher than 16% and you run the risk of experiencing white spots, irritation and bleeding. Go less than 10% and well… you are unlikely to experience any promising teeth whitening results

We think you’ll agree that there is more to picking a teeth whitening product than knowing its ingredient content. You also need to examine its concentration, how it is applied, its medical backing and endorsements, and its case studies.

So if you looking to recapture your pearly whites, remember to do your research first and take all of the above points into consideration.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Rappelz Mmorpg Most Popular In Online Games

Gamers can surely love the 3 distinct however exceptional characters within the game; the fearless Gaians are the oldest inhabitants of the land who base their skills from the four forces of nature like Earth, Wind, hearth and Water; the righteous Devas are the holy-based race who specialise in healing magic and defensive buffs and at last, the crafty Asuras are masters of the dark magic with distinct offensive skills and high evasion.


RAPPELZ' trademark is its in-house patterned pet system that permits regular pets to be considerably helpful to their master. within the early stages of the character’s coaching, pets are already introduced. additionally called Creatures, these special allies grow, train and eventually fight along side their master.
Creatures and pets in Rappelz additionally manage to level up! they're going through the challenge of a 3-stage evolution. Along the approach, the pets learn of their distinctive battle vogue and acquire additional job levels. a personality, reckoning on his category, will ought to the most, three pets.
It is then honest to mention that an avatar reincarnating himself through his pets will be 3 times additional powerful and economical than an everyday warrior.


Players of Rappelz are certain to relish the range of characters and talent customization. Upon beginning, he will already choose that race (Deva, Asura, Gaia) to use and what physical options he needs his avatar to possess. Aesthetically customizable at the start of the sport are face structure and markings, hair, and skin tone. Also, among the foremost admired venture of this game is that the player’s ability to choose his in-game profession. He will be a Guide, Stepper or Rouge reckoning on his chosen race. because the player reaches level fifty, these 3 professions will be additional upgraded into additional specific category structures.
Weaving the gamer’s understanding of his chosen profession, skills and potentialities, he's currently able to embark on

Monday, 9 April 2012

Natural Cures For Cancer Sabah Snake Grass

Sabah Snake Grass, the wonder grass and the hype in the medical world touted to be natural cures for cancer but is it true? There are claims on the Internet making the rounds saying that some of the patients have benefited from consuming Sabah Snake Grass. They claim that all the patients showed improvement compared to before they start taking Sabah Snake Grass. If this is true then why it has not been used globally, only restricted to where it first claimed to be a cure for cancer, Malaysia and the neighbouring countries?

All the claims saying that the patients taking Sabah Snake Grass either have their tumors shrunk or even disappeared completely. For such a thing happen is nothing short of a miracle and it provides a ray of hope for cancer patients whose future seems bleak with chemotherapy is the last option for the treatment. There is only one caveat, a major one though regarding this claim of the wonder Sabah Snake Grass: its effectiveness has not yet been proven scientifically. This may not deter some patients from trying though if you bring the prospect of undergoing chemotherapy into perspective. Chemotherapy is painful and the cost for the treatment is expensive too. In contrast, taking Sabah Snake Grass only requires small cost and the pain during healing process is pale in comparison to the side effects of chemotherapy sessions. This is not to dismiss chemotherapy though, as albeit the low success rate, it is still proven scientifically to successfully cure some cancer patients. Surely you don’t want to left any stones unturned, leaving the chance to get alternative treatment that may be able to cure cancer after all.Although Sabah Snake Grass has not been proven scientifically to cure cancer, there is a study proving its immune-enhancing, antioxidants as well as anti-inflammatory properties. If you did some reading regarding antioxidants, it is one of the keys to cure cancer. It can be said then that the claims of this so-called miracle grass are not completely baseless. It is even used traditionally in Chinese medicine. The Chinese use the grass mainly to improve blood circulation and detoxification. Knowing the fact that the grass in fact has some medicinal capabilities may provide you some peace of mind that there is a good chance that this Sabah Snake Grass has the potential to cure cancer.Let’s get to know a little bit on how to consume the grass. You can consume Sabah Snake Grass in dried or fresh forms. There are even Sabah Snake Grass tonics in the market nowadays. If you want to take the grass in its leave form then you can chew it normally or you can blend the grass and turn it into paste. Alternatively, if you take the grass in its dried form then you can mix it with hot water and drink it like normal teas.Hopefully this article serves to lift some of the doubts you have when you first heard about Sabah Snake Grass’ capability as natural cure for cancer. Yes the major downside is it has not been proven scientifically but considering the low risk you take, taking Sabah Snake Grass as an alternative treatment is a wise choice. If you ever want to have the grass whether in its fresh form or even in tonic form, we have it all here. Make your decision today and embark on your quest to cure cancer!

For more info please contact hp:0176515287

Monday, 2 April 2012


John Carter is set to be the biggest movie flop - it fared poorly in theaters. It grossed to $62 million and set to make Disney to lose $200 millions - including failed $100 millions marketing. Was the movie that bad or something went wrong along the way? Maybe the decision to name the movie with the plain John Carter just doesn’t cut it? In any case, let’s put all the presumptions aside and examine this movie more closely. The novel this movie is largely based on is titled The Princess of Mars (one of the Barsoom series by Edgar Rice Burroughs) and it was written 100 years ago. The movie starts with the introduction telling that Mars (Jarsoom) is not dead, rather it is dying and the civilizations inhabit the planet are constantly on war with each other. Then it cuts to the funeral of our hero, John Carter, a former cavalry officer who has turned eccentric but wealthy adventurer. The attendance of Carter’s nephew, Ned Burrough reveals that Carter has instructed that his body is put into mausoleum. Ned Burrough is trusted with personal journal of John Carter in the hope that he can investigate the mystery behind the strange actions of John Carter before his death.

Then the film goes back to 1868, the time when John Carter is chased by both local Apache Indians and cavalry army when he was prospecting for gold. While he takes a shelter in a cave, he discovers gold that he was looking for but suddenly a creature (which later revealed as White Martian Thern) appears out of nowhere prompting John Carter to kill it. Upon discovering the creature’s medallion, he is teleported to Barsoom. Due to the low gravity of the planet, John Carter discovers that he can jump really high and throw killer punches.

He is captured soon after, which after a series of events brings him to meet Princess of Helium, Dejah Thoris who is about to be married to King of Zodanga as part of truce conditions. John Carter helps in her escape attempts but they are captured by Matai Shang while Dejah hesitantly agrees to marry King of Zodanga, Sab Than. Later, Carter manages to escape and seeks help from the Tharks, ruled by Tal Hajus after he overthrown Tarkas. After claiming victory in gladiator competition and killing Tal Hajus, John Carter is acclaimed the new ruler of the Tharks. He heads the army of the Tharks, defeats the Zodangan army and consequently kills Sab Than. He then marries Dejah and decides that he wants to stay on Mars forever so he throws away his medallion, the only means to return to Jarsoom (Earth). Unfortunately Shang who comes out of his hiding uses the medallion and banishes him to the Earth. This brings us back to the Earth and it is revealed that John Carter is on a quest looking for another medallion on Earth. It turns out that his presence in Mars made possible via a virtual body, so if his Earth’s body is dead, so does the one in Mars too. Hence he asked for his nephew’s help to protect his body. When Ned found that there is no body in the mausoleum, a Thern assassin appears and ready to kill Ned only to be killed by John Carter. He then discloses to Ned that he laid the trap to get the medallion, and he succeeded. He used the medallion to return to Barsoom and resumes his life with Dejah.

Overall, this movie is not as bad as what a lot of people say. Maybe the majority bad comments about this movie come from the ones who don’t even watch it. This movie is surely entertaining, with superb visual as well as great special effects and well made 3D conversion. Although some of the professional critics rate this movie as bad, it is highly watchable if you let all the clichés used throughout the movie passed. There may be some elements that you wished are not there or can use some improvements but if you are a moviegoer and expect to be entertained, then you are sure to get just that

Wednesday, 28 March 2012


3 Easy Tips You Can Apply Today for Greener Enviroment, the awareness among public to be more green is arising. The Earth Day that we celebrate each year on April 22nd helps to remind us to appreciate Earth and reduce unnecessary waste of Earth’s resources. You too can be a part of this growing community that supports towards greener environment. Read on to find out three tips to use Earth’s resource wisely that you can apply today. Energy saving tips Use LED light bulb. It is more energy efficient – producing brighter light using less energy. Not only you can save energy, you are saving your money too as less power is used that will result in lower energy bill. Unplug electronics when you don’t use them. Often, televisions are left turned on for hours when no one is watching. You can easily save energy by switching it off whenever you don’t watch them. That applies to lights too. Just turn the lights off when you are done using it. This may seem trivial, but it will add up over a long time. Pay more attention to all these little things and you will see a drop in your energy bills. Water saving tips For people that bathe using bathtub, reduce its use or even better stop using it altogether. You can take your bath fine using low-flow shower head. Normal size bathtub usually requires approximately 190 litres of water to fill it up. This is equivalent to you bathing using low-flow shower heads for 20 minutes non-stop. Water is renewable resources but fresh water is fast becoming scarce commodity today. You can at least play your part by using the water wisely. Gas saving tips If you go to a place within walking distance, don’t drive, walk. You can get your body to exercise too when you are walking. Always fill up your fuel tank so you will take fewer trips to pump stations. Practice carpool whenever you can. Every little action you take towards saving gas will pay off; at least you will save your money.There you have it three tips you can apply today to be more green. Use electricity, water and gas wisely and you are on your way to be one of the people that have the awareness to support greener environment.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Benefits of Pomegranates vinegar

You may have heard that consuming pomegranate vinegar is good for your body before but unsure of its exact benefits. This article will reveal to you the benefits of pomegranate vinegar to your body. Read on to find out how it can help you to be healthier, protect your memory and even slow down cancer growth.

There is a study published in 2001 that revealed drinking pomegranate juice can reduce systolic blood pressure. Part of the advantage is due to three major antioxidants it contains: ellagic acid, anthocyanins as well as tannins. Pomegranate vinegar can protect you from cardiovascular diseases due to its rich in antioxidants property. Besides that, pomegranates also contain potassium, a nutrient that can lower blood pressure and improve blood flow.

Apart from its ability to lower blood pressure, pomegranate vinegar can also help you to protect memory in the brain. This is because pomegranate is rich in flavanoids, antioxidants that can curb memory decline and mood disturbance especially among older people. The evidence to prove this theory conclusively may be lacking, but the fact that pomegranate contains significant amount of flavanoids, the antioxidant capable to control free radicals cannot be denied. It is advised to consult your doctor first if you decide to consume pomegranates on regular basis.

The next benefit is it may slow down cancer growth. There is no evidence, yet, of its effect on human beings but there are some evidences in test tubes; it stops reproduction of cancer cells. There are indications from test on animals that pomegranate juice reduces the blood flow to tumors thus reducing the size. Two studies published in 2001 by Techion-Israel Institute showed that pomegranate can cause breast cancer cells to self-destruct while at the same time not affecting the normal cells.

There you have it the benefits of pomegranate vinegar to your body. Seeing that they are rich in nutrients and capable to lower blood pressure, protect your memory as well as potentially slow down cancer growth it won't hurt to try it out.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Study Techniques to Help You Pass Your Exams

Top students always deserve their spots because they know and
understand the techniques to pass exams with good grades. Maybe there
are a few that you call genius, but they too, need to study before
they can get A in the exams. Read on to find out three techniques that
will help you to pass your exams.

Study by Objective

People seem to misunderstand that the long study sessions is always
better. That is not the most effective way to go about studying. It's
not about how long you study, but it's how well you understand the
material after each session. It is better that you study in short
sessions frequently. This will give your brain the time to absorb and
rearrange the information it received so the next time you revise the
topic you have better understanding about it. Set an objective what do
you want to achieve for each session (e.g. focus on the causes if you
want to understand what triggered the World War I)

Form a Study Group

Make sure that it is a small group consists of up to four or five
people. Each member has to contribute and discuss about any subjects
that all members agreed beforehand. Explaining a topic to someone
helps you to better understand a topic but you have to check the facts
if your opinions conflicted. Having a team can serve as extra
motivation for you to study as you can compete to best each other

Plan a Study Schedule

Studying when you feel like it is a recipe for disaster; unless you
are one of the few that just love studying. Usually students dread to
open a book and do the revision. That's why you need to have a
schedule and adhere to it. There's no use in the well-planned schedule
if you don't follow it. Plan to study long before your exams to reduce
stress as well as having better grasp about your subjects. If you do
it this way, the information will stick longer compared to if you just
cram it all one day before exams. It is the best strategy for the long

There you have it study techniques to help you pass your exams. Apply
this immediately and you'll be happy with the outcome. Good luck!


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