Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Samsung Smart TV

Let me share with you my experience using Samsung Smart TV,an LED TV with the capability to connect to internet either via LAN cable or wireless.Personally , i find that the quality of the picture is awesome and really satisfying .This is series is the upgraded version from the 2010 version . one of the stand out additions is Smart Hub feature. Smart Hub offers several gapps like your video (Youtube)internet browsing , movie on demand (for korean users) and all share (apps found in a number of smart phones like Galaxy S2, Galaxy Tab and a select few of cameras). The Smart TV also has USB serial port to allow you to wacth videos,picture and listening to music by connecting with USB pendrive or external hard disk . The series offers three different sizes: 55",46" and 40". The resolution is high ,at 2000000:1; one of the reasons that it is capable to give you superb picture quality. Samsung recommends that you use HDMI cable to get the best viewing experience. Samsung Smart TV also offers easy control as it uses touch panel for volume and channel button. There is also picture (PIP) function which you can use to see a preview of other channels without having to change the current channel you are viewing. The biggest drawback is the price: 55" is sold at 29,999, 46" at 12,999 and 40" at 8,999. This TV series is aguably one of the best offerings from Samsung but the hefty price tag would leave majority of its admirers just watching from a far.


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