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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Bio Energy

Bio energy or energy of life is natural energy force that flows in human and all life forms in general. There is good scientific evidence that there is energy field surrounds human but the use of external energy force to return the original state of that energy field is still the subject of much debates. The principle of bio energy is this; when you are healthy and everything is going good in your life then your energy will flow freely. Any physical injury, mental stress or emotional imbalance will disrupt your energy flow hence the need for bio energy treatment.

As this healing method is based around human energy field, the treatment is obviously non-invasive; there is no device, tools or anything inserted into the body. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that bio energy is any less effective than any other treatments, according to its practitioners. Bio energy is capable to treat physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual imbalance. Since the energy field is a shared characteristic of all living forms including animals, naturally they too, can be cured with bio energy treatment as proven by a practitioner who uses this method on horses, Yvonne Wright.

Obviously one of the advantages of bio energy treatment lies in its non-invasive nature. It won’t hurt as there is neither insertion nor any operation done on your body. For those who are afraid to go under the knife, this treatment is surely an automatic choice. There is no huge risk either, as some of the treatments do not require physical contact at all.

Of course, there are some irresponsible people who claimed that they have a machine that can cure critical disease, such as Electro Physiological Feedback Xrroid or EPFX. The machine is described as capable to read the body’s reactivity to various frequencies and then send the needed frequencies back to the body to heal the patient. The machine ultimately resulted in a death of an untreated, undiagnosed leukemia patient. A hefty price paid indeed for a costly machine.  (it sells for $20,000). 
Apart from EFPX, another machine claimed to be able to cure various diseases such as AIDS, cancer, allergies and chronic fatigue named Pap-Ion Magnetic Inductor (PAP-IMI) is manufactured in Greece. As the machine is not approved by the FDA, it cannot be imported into USA and Canada also took measures to seize them upon entry into the country.

Although cases like the two mentioned above happened, it does not deter public from trying this alternative treatment method. If previous machines are claimed by the manufacturers themselves to be effective in curing diseases, in Malaysia a company called Al Jabbar-Herbs offer treatment with a machine using electrostatic and is said capable to heal hypertension, diabetes, heart diseases, stroke, Parkinson among other critical diseases. The company boasts more than just a few patients that testify for the treatment.

Patients can go to their stores and try for themselves for three sessions and feel the improvement. There is no official study though to document the effectiveness of the machine. The company markets the treatment through ads on TV and newspapers that people with various health problems testify that they feel positive improvements after a few sessions.

So far, scientific study about bio energy treatment is far from conclusive. What can be said at this stage is it needs further research to confirm that bio energy is indeed effective to treat various health problems. While there are some studies that show measurable benefit of bio energy treatment, other studies show otherwise. Luckily, there is no side effect for most medical conditions when treated with bio energy.

Thursday, 31 January 2013

Celcom prepaid

In the early 90’s, several telecommunication companies introduced prepaid sim pack for their users. The advantage of the prepaid sim pack is it is one way to limit the use of mobile phone within users’ means. Celcom or TM Touch as it was formerly known at the time is a telecommunication company that produces and distributes prepaid sim pack. Celcom is a subsidiary of Axiata Group.

The prepaid plans that Celcom offered throughout the years are:
1) Celcom X Pax.
2) Celcom Youth Pax.
3) Celcom Blue.
4) Celcom Success.
5) Celcom X2

Currently Celcom X Pax is the best selling product and one of the most used packages used by Malaysians. Celcom has the biggest and widest coverage across the country and it is one of the reasons Celcom is chosen by many Malaysians.

During the inception of Celcom X Pax plan, Celcom introduced a plan called 8 Pax whereby you can include eight numbers of your choice. The text message and call rates for those eight numbers are cheaper than numbers not included in the ‘Pax’. At the time, a competing company offered only five numbers of users’ choice (Active 5) though now they offered 10 numbers called Active 10.

Celcom though doesn’t sit back and has since offered an upgrade to the previous offering and increase it to 15 numbers that you can include called 15 Pax. In terms of service offer, Celcom has the advantage when it comes to credit sharing as Celcom allows users to share credit for a minimum of RM 1 compared to other telcos that allow a minimum of RM 5 for credit sharing.

Celcom also offers plans that can suit various needs of its users. For those that want to change their plan, there is no charge incurred for the first plan change. For the next plan change though, a fee of RM 5 will be charged. Celcom also introduced interactive menu called Easy Menu that you can open with pressing *118#. Once you open up the menu, there will be several services that you can choose from. Besides that, Celcom also has coverage worldwide.

This allows Celcom to offer one of the lowest rates around to make local or international calls. Celcom also offers internet service with the speed of 384 kbps and it is the product of collaboration between three companies: Celcom, Telekom Malaysia and Vodafone to fulfill the needs of customers.

There are three packages:
Daily broadband - RM 5,
Weekly Broadband - RM 18,
Monthly Broadband - RM 50.
You can opt to pay per use too whereby you only need to pay for the amount of bandwidth you used at the rate of 10 cents per 10 kB.

Celcom makes it easy for its customers to get reload cards at virtually anywhere ranging from Celcom sales representatives to grocery stores. In its effort to maintain the best level of services to its customers, Celcom has enlisted help from a few companies to collaborate.For instance, Celcom has appointed a company known as Merchant Trade and this is the collaboration between Celcom and SKMM to introduce MVNO (mobile virtual network operator).

This earns Celcom the title of the best telecommunication company in Malaysia. A few companies have leased internet service from Celcom and one of them is U Mobile. As a token of appreciation to its customers, Celcom offers free usage of call-me-tones for 30 days when a customer buys a new sim pack. The latest plan from Celcom today is X2 that offers the lowest call rate around at 28 cents for every 10 minutes to any Celcom numbers. The call rate to other telcos is 28 cents for every 5 minutes.

Today, Celcom is recognized by many as the cheapest and the best prepaid company in Malaysia.

Monday, 25 June 2012

Traffic Counter

Do you know when you want to start a business you actually have go to the location and do a survey to check how the crowd is and if you are going to survive for the next 6 months to one year? If it’s a small company then it is most likely the boss will actually do it themselves, but what about the big ones? Of course, they will hire someone to count the traffic and these people are called traffic counters.

So where do you apply for the job? Obviously you have to register with a job agency that provides job opportunities either for permanent, contract or part time. During registration, tell them that you want to be notified whenever a temporary vacancy is available. You might be wondering, who needs traffic counter? The ones who use the service are always big retail companies like Watson, Kenny Rogers and etc.

 So how about working hour? For short term and temporary job it usually lasts for 1 to 3 days. One day on weekdays and two days on weekends. You have to work from 10 am until 10 pm. You will alternate between working and resting for every half an hour. The pay is quite high at about RM100-200 per day. The work that you need to do is like doing census only that you work at a shopping mall. Moreover, this job does not require high skill level nor do you need any certifications.

What this job requires is dedication and honesty. Employer relies fully on you to find out whether the business venture is going to be successful or not in the future. As the name suggests, you count the number of people that pass through the area and record down their gender, race and age. You need to fill up the data for every hour.

You will be informed about the location where you have to do the traffic count. For example: the location is Carrefour and the lot is 19220. Make sure that you know the exact location of the lot. If you’ve never been to the location before, take an initiative to check out the place beforehand.

Don’t forget to bring along all the necessary items to help you do the job like stationery (book and pen) to keep the record of traffic count. As this job requires high level of concentration and tiring, you have to get enough rest to do this job well. You also have to make sure that you write down the data as instructed by the employer.

It is vital that you remain discreet and hidden from the public to make your job easier. Don’t spend your time speaking on the phone or talking with passersby as it will make you lose focus. Although you don’t have to report to anyone, your employer can come at any time to check on you.
When your working hour is over, you have to submit a report from the traffic count to your employer via email on the same night or the next morning at the latest.

Regarding your pay, it will be managed by the job agency hired by your employer. You will get your pay in two to three days through bank deposit.
The job is tiring but it is fun for those who dislike working in the office. It’s a short term job and relatively easy and the pay is very reasonable as well. How about you try applying for it?

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Silence A Snorer

Snoring is not just a simple problem of annoying noise during sleep. It is a critical problem that can rock a marriage and this is not exaggerating it. Those who sleep around a snorer such as spouse or roommate can develop a symptom called Spousal Arousal Syndrome (SAS).

The sleeping partner will be disturbed multiples time in an hour and they can lose their sleep in average an hour or two although they may not recall waking up in the middle of the night. This will result in fatigue, irritability, and many other sleep deprived problems. Certainly, the only way to overcome this is for the sufferer to take intervention step and stop the snoring once and for all.

There are two ways to go about curing snore : surgical and non-surgical method. Surgery is proven to be an effective snoring cure but there are many of us who shiver to even think about going under the knife. Hence the snoring cures discussed in this article are all about non-surgical method to cure snore.

First, you can try changing your sleeping position. Sleeping on the side or on elevated bed head promote better airflow to ease your breathing. Snoring is, after all, the result of the narrowing in the nose, mouth or nose. It should be noted though that severe case of snoring won't improve just by simply changing sleeping position.

The next snoring cure you can try is stop drinking alcohol. Alcohol will loosen muscles and if the muscles of your tongue, nose and the surrounding ones become too relaxed, the airway for your breathing becomes smaller and resulting in snoring. Certain medications for deep sleeping can result in snoring as well.

There are also devices designed to stop snoring. These devices stop snoring by holding your jaw forward and holding the tongue in the process as well. This will ensure that the airway will maintain the normal passages throughout your sleep. There are downsides of wearing the device though. You may suffer from excessive salivation, jaw joint problem as well as the pricey device.
If your nose is suffered from allergies or irritation, then you may use nasal sprays to cure it. The spray can clean the nose from the irritants (dust, smoke and pollen) present. You can also cure the swelling of airway passages that always happen when you have colds or infection with nasal sprays like steroid spray or nasal decongestants.

That's it for snoring cure tips. It is vital though that you first consult your doctor to ensure that there is no underlying medical condition that causes the snoring. People with higher risk of heart disease, stroke or hypertension usually suffer from snoring too so take note of that.

Monday, 4 June 2012

Kak Teh -My Life Story

My real name is Saadiah binti Kamarudin and i was born on 26th April 1964 in Kuala Gula.
Kak Teh  is the nickname that people called me since i was small . I was the eldest of the seven siblings.
To help ease the burdens of my parents , i would help my father to earn extra money and go to the sea.
As there are a lot of members in the family , as the eldest child i felt  the need to carry some of the responsibility hence besides helping father , i also helped mother with her small business.

After i got married ,all business matters and responsibilities our handed over to me. Alhamdulillah , with the help of my beloved husband Dzul , the business thrived our marriage also is a blessed with four children .
After spending sometime doing business, i felt the urge to do something for a change. Then i involved myself
doing activities in village called "Aktiviti Sahabat Hutan Bakau". It really brought a refreshing change to  my perspective as i learned how to appreciate natures.

Of course , just appreciating  the nature itself won't do much good as proactive actions are needed from our part  to ensure  that we can preserve the nature as much as we can . I learn how to replant mangrove seeds as mangrove forest is important to the vilaggers at the sea side, like Kuala Gula , my place of birth for example . Apart from that , i was thought how to produce handcrafts from wastes that you can find in abundant easily like empty cans ,bottles,newspapers and etc.

Making handcrafts its not and easy things to do , hence i learned from various places in order to refine my skills. Thanks to a lot of hard work and diligence , now making handcrafts is almost a second nature to me .
Orders are pouring in too ,both from local and overseas. Of course i'm grateful to allah for this huge blessing.
CIMB bank also contributed a lot to Sahabat Bakau, the organization that introduce me to world of handcraft - making . The fun allows me and my friends to produce various  from shells, clams and others that i personally look for and bought to produce nice and beautiful handcrafts.

If anyone is interested to buy handcrafts , you can contact me at 010-3967421 or email at . You can also send me a PM to kakteh kraftangan on facebook.


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