Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Samsung Smart TV

Let me share with you my experience using Samsung Smart TV,an LED TV with the capability to connect to internet either via LAN cable or wireless.Personally , i find that the quality of the picture is awesome and really satisfying .This is series is the upgraded version from the 2010 version . one of the stand out additions is Smart Hub feature. Smart Hub offers several gapps like your video (Youtube)internet browsing , movie on demand (for korean users) and all share (apps found in a number of smart phones like Galaxy S2, Galaxy Tab and a select few of cameras). The Smart TV also has USB serial port to allow you to wacth videos,picture and listening to music by connecting with USB pendrive or external hard disk . The series offers three different sizes: 55",46" and 40". The resolution is high ,at 2000000:1; one of the reasons that it is capable to give you superb picture quality. Samsung recommends that you use HDMI cable to get the best viewing experience. Samsung Smart TV also offers easy control as it uses touch panel for volume and channel button. There is also picture (PIP) function which you can use to see a preview of other channels without having to change the current channel you are viewing. The biggest drawback is the price: 55" is sold at 29,999, 46" at 12,999 and 40" at 8,999. This TV series is aguably one of the best offerings from Samsung but the hefty price tag would leave majority of its admirers just watching from a far.

Monday, 21 May 2012

Interesting Handicraft

I’d like to share with you a blog that I came across a couple years ago that sells handicraft made by the blogger herself. The seller/blogger is honest as I’ve dealt with her myself and I can attest to that. What I’d like to talk about is what she shared about handicraft products on her blog that might interest you.

For those who have a toddler or young baby right now, she can make a cute headband and baby booties for a low price. As you can see yourself from the post, she put up pictures to show the products she made herself so you can judge whether the headband and baby booties are to your liking or not. Of course you can ask her if you have specific request or needs as she has facebook fanpage for her business or simply leave your comment on the blog.

Apart from handmade products for babies, she is also capable to produce handicraft to be used as dowry. Although in the post she mentioned that the paper basket is used as a d├ęcor at her workplace, it can be used as dowry too. It’s nicely done and I’m sure you will agree and maybe get one for yourself too. Apart from the big paper basket, she also offers paper egg case, also for dowry. See it for yourself here.

She also offers what she called “multipurpose creative box”. You can use the small box for: egg case during wedding ceremony, accessory box, dowry, or maybe as a souvenir. The materials she used? Just discarded boxes and you can’t tell it at first glance as the end product is so nice. You can ask her to adjust the size of the box to suit your needs.

Hopefully you find this sharing helpful as I’m aware that lots of us are interested in handicraft, either we want to learn doing it ourselves or want to look for someone who is good enough to do it for us and offer it at a reasonable price. For me, with the quality of work she produced as shown in her blog posts, the price is reasonable and tough to beat. Interested? Try looking at it yourself!

Saturday, 12 May 2012

My Body Was Too Heavy and Toxic

Have you ever felt your body is too heavy that it feels like it’s not yours? You felt tired easily and always feel lethargic. These are the signs that you suffer from too much toxic foods. It is unfortunate that the amount of toxic that can be found in our foods today is alarmingly high.

 This is a pressing issue so severe that it needs immediate intervention before the effect becomes too much too handle. You can see this already around you; a lot of people fall sick, cancer cases are increasing and the obesity among kids is on the rise. These are the clear signs that there are too much toxic foods consumed. This article will discuss about the symptoms of toxicity, the main source of toxic foods as well as how you can detoxify yourself. Read more to find out.

Let’s look at where do the toxins come from. After all, it never occurs to you that there are toxins in the foods, doesn’t it? Brace yourself now. Toxic foods can be found in: artificial sweeteners, food preservatives, additives, sugar, trans fats, mercury, hormones, excessive caffeine, refined foods, pesticides and too much food in general. Wow, that is quite a list we have there. Eating too much food can be a toxic? Sugar? Yes, they are and all the items in the list too. Wait, doesn’t that seem like most of the foods we have today? Those that we can find in hypermarkets? Yes, you got that right.                                    

 This is what is said in the introduction, we have too much toxic foods nowadays and this is unhealthy, hazardous even now let’s look into what will happen if you consume too much toxin foods or toxins in general. Apart from easily tires out, which is the one of the earliest signs of toxic accumulation in your body, experiencing headaches for no reason or caused by stress is one of them too. Or you may have joint ache on certain days and feeling okay on certain days. Irritable Bowel Syndrome, or bouts of diarrhea alternating with constipation is also the indications of too much toxics accumulated in your body. Besides that, if you are plagued with skin rashes or irritation that come intermittently, or maybe your sinuses are stuffy every morning, all of them pointing to one thing: the accumulation of toxic in your body is increasing and it has taken its toll on your body. It should be mentioned though that while not all of them is the direct consequences of toxicity, it is at least the factor that worsens the condition.

What you should do then to stop from consuming toxic foods? After all, you have been relying on the toxicated foods for a while and you can’t see other alternatives.
Fortunately, there are many options to get healthy foods that are not toxic.  You can start with reducing processed and fatty foods intake. Drink plain water for at least eight glasses of water. This can flush out at least some of the accumulated toxics in your body. Try to choose organic products. They are less exposed to pesticides compared to commercial ones. In short, eat healthy diets. That would take care most of the toxic foods problem. Identify these: the symptoms when you consume too much toxic foods as well as the source of toxic in foods and how you can reduce the consumption of toxic foods in addition to the natural foods alternative that are more healthy and you are on your way to less toxics in your body.

Friday, 4 May 2012

Metrosexual Men

Who They Really Are Metrosexual. You might have heard people talk about it but maybe you are not sure yourself if you really understand what it really is. To put it simply, a metrosexual male is a straight man who enjoys things which were considered feminine or ‘girly’ in the past, like skin care and shopping. The term metrosexual first came about in an article published in 1994, though the term only gained the widespread fame it has today almost a decade later (in 2002 to be exact) when the author, Mark Simpson revisited the subject. In the article,Simpson described David Beckham as a poster boy of metrosexual. Now let’s imagine Beckham. What do you see? Yes, he’s handsome, with lots of money to spend and his appearance, clothes; all of them are top notch. He is the embodiment of metrosexual. Maybe some of us have the presumption that when a man looked all neat and tidy, with shaven face and glowing skin; he has to be a gay. Wrong. A metrosexual male just enjoy what would be considered as not manly in the past, though it is slowly changing. Skin care product for men is a thriving industry; it just goes to show how taking care of skin among men is fast becoming a norm and no longer be frowned upon. If you really think about it, there is nothing wrong in wanting to look good no matter the occasion. After all who likes a messy and dirty people? We’d rather have someone who cares about his appearance, so long as that said person doesn’t constantly asking us if he looked okay that day, then that would be really annoying. A metrosexual male likes fashionable clothes, stay up to date with current fashion, takes really good care of his appearance and lavishes some serious money for his maintenance (i.e. bi-weekly visit to beauty centre, skin care products and etc.) This is the reason that a metrosexual has to have access to best shops, clubs, hairdressers and gyms, hence the metro - for metropolitan as it usually has all the best stuffs. Hopefully you won’t mistake a perfectly straight guy for a gay, just because he looked all neat and tidy.Just think metrosexual men as overly conscious of their appearance, which they really are, and let them be. After all, don’t you glad that you befriend a person who takes care of himself really well?


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