Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Silence A Snorer

Snoring is not just a simple problem of annoying noise during sleep. It is a critical problem that can rock a marriage and this is not exaggerating it. Those who sleep around a snorer such as spouse or roommate can develop a symptom called Spousal Arousal Syndrome (SAS).

The sleeping partner will be disturbed multiples time in an hour and they can lose their sleep in average an hour or two although they may not recall waking up in the middle of the night. This will result in fatigue, irritability, and many other sleep deprived problems. Certainly, the only way to overcome this is for the sufferer to take intervention step and stop the snoring once and for all.

There are two ways to go about curing snore : surgical and non-surgical method. Surgery is proven to be an effective snoring cure but there are many of us who shiver to even think about going under the knife. Hence the snoring cures discussed in this article are all about non-surgical method to cure snore.

First, you can try changing your sleeping position. Sleeping on the side or on elevated bed head promote better airflow to ease your breathing. Snoring is, after all, the result of the narrowing in the nose, mouth or nose. It should be noted though that severe case of snoring won't improve just by simply changing sleeping position.

The next snoring cure you can try is stop drinking alcohol. Alcohol will loosen muscles and if the muscles of your tongue, nose and the surrounding ones become too relaxed, the airway for your breathing becomes smaller and resulting in snoring. Certain medications for deep sleeping can result in snoring as well.

There are also devices designed to stop snoring. These devices stop snoring by holding your jaw forward and holding the tongue in the process as well. This will ensure that the airway will maintain the normal passages throughout your sleep. There are downsides of wearing the device though. You may suffer from excessive salivation, jaw joint problem as well as the pricey device.
If your nose is suffered from allergies or irritation, then you may use nasal sprays to cure it. The spray can clean the nose from the irritants (dust, smoke and pollen) present. You can also cure the swelling of airway passages that always happen when you have colds or infection with nasal sprays like steroid spray or nasal decongestants.

That's it for snoring cure tips. It is vital though that you first consult your doctor to ensure that there is no underlying medical condition that causes the snoring. People with higher risk of heart disease, stroke or hypertension usually suffer from snoring too so take note of that.


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