Monday, 4 June 2012

Kak Teh -My Life Story

My real name is Saadiah binti Kamarudin and i was born on 26th April 1964 in Kuala Gula.
Kak Teh  is the nickname that people called me since i was small . I was the eldest of the seven siblings.
To help ease the burdens of my parents , i would help my father to earn extra money and go to the sea.
As there are a lot of members in the family , as the eldest child i felt  the need to carry some of the responsibility hence besides helping father , i also helped mother with her small business.

After i got married ,all business matters and responsibilities our handed over to me. Alhamdulillah , with the help of my beloved husband Dzul , the business thrived our marriage also is a blessed with four children .
After spending sometime doing business, i felt the urge to do something for a change. Then i involved myself
doing activities in village called "Aktiviti Sahabat Hutan Bakau". It really brought a refreshing change to  my perspective as i learned how to appreciate natures.

Of course , just appreciating  the nature itself won't do much good as proactive actions are needed from our part  to ensure  that we can preserve the nature as much as we can . I learn how to replant mangrove seeds as mangrove forest is important to the vilaggers at the sea side, like Kuala Gula , my place of birth for example . Apart from that , i was thought how to produce handcrafts from wastes that you can find in abundant easily like empty cans ,bottles,newspapers and etc.

Making handcrafts its not and easy things to do , hence i learned from various places in order to refine my skills. Thanks to a lot of hard work and diligence , now making handcrafts is almost a second nature to me .
Orders are pouring in too ,both from local and overseas. Of course i'm grateful to allah for this huge blessing.
CIMB bank also contributed a lot to Sahabat Bakau, the organization that introduce me to world of handcraft - making . The fun allows me and my friends to produce various  from shells, clams and others that i personally look for and bought to produce nice and beautiful handcrafts.

If anyone is interested to buy handcrafts , you can contact me at 010-3967421 or email at . You can also send me a PM to kakteh kraftangan on facebook.


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