Friday, 16 March 2012

Study Techniques to Help You Pass Your Exams

Top students always deserve their spots because they know and
understand the techniques to pass exams with good grades. Maybe there
are a few that you call genius, but they too, need to study before
they can get A in the exams. Read on to find out three techniques that
will help you to pass your exams.

Study by Objective

People seem to misunderstand that the long study sessions is always
better. That is not the most effective way to go about studying. It's
not about how long you study, but it's how well you understand the
material after each session. It is better that you study in short
sessions frequently. This will give your brain the time to absorb and
rearrange the information it received so the next time you revise the
topic you have better understanding about it. Set an objective what do
you want to achieve for each session (e.g. focus on the causes if you
want to understand what triggered the World War I)

Form a Study Group

Make sure that it is a small group consists of up to four or five
people. Each member has to contribute and discuss about any subjects
that all members agreed beforehand. Explaining a topic to someone
helps you to better understand a topic but you have to check the facts
if your opinions conflicted. Having a team can serve as extra
motivation for you to study as you can compete to best each other

Plan a Study Schedule

Studying when you feel like it is a recipe for disaster; unless you
are one of the few that just love studying. Usually students dread to
open a book and do the revision. That's why you need to have a
schedule and adhere to it. There's no use in the well-planned schedule
if you don't follow it. Plan to study long before your exams to reduce
stress as well as having better grasp about your subjects. If you do
it this way, the information will stick longer compared to if you just
cram it all one day before exams. It is the best strategy for the long

There you have it study techniques to help you pass your exams. Apply
this immediately and you'll be happy with the outcome. Good luck!


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