Monday, 21 May 2012

Interesting Handicraft

I’d like to share with you a blog that I came across a couple years ago that sells handicraft made by the blogger herself. The seller/blogger is honest as I’ve dealt with her myself and I can attest to that. What I’d like to talk about is what she shared about handicraft products on her blog that might interest you.

For those who have a toddler or young baby right now, she can make a cute headband and baby booties for a low price. As you can see yourself from the post, she put up pictures to show the products she made herself so you can judge whether the headband and baby booties are to your liking or not. Of course you can ask her if you have specific request or needs as she has facebook fanpage for her business or simply leave your comment on the blog.

Apart from handmade products for babies, she is also capable to produce handicraft to be used as dowry. Although in the post she mentioned that the paper basket is used as a décor at her workplace, it can be used as dowry too. It’s nicely done and I’m sure you will agree and maybe get one for yourself too. Apart from the big paper basket, she also offers paper egg case, also for dowry. See it for yourself here.

She also offers what she called “multipurpose creative box”. You can use the small box for: egg case during wedding ceremony, accessory box, dowry, or maybe as a souvenir. The materials she used? Just discarded boxes and you can’t tell it at first glance as the end product is so nice. You can ask her to adjust the size of the box to suit your needs.

Hopefully you find this sharing helpful as I’m aware that lots of us are interested in handicraft, either we want to learn doing it ourselves or want to look for someone who is good enough to do it for us and offer it at a reasonable price. For me, with the quality of work she produced as shown in her blog posts, the price is reasonable and tough to beat. Interested? Try looking at it yourself!


dear, thanks a lot... i dont know how to express my felling after read this article.. but it's really help to market what i love to do... ya, to be honest this is the 1st time i read someone wrote about my handicraft, so excited!~

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