Sunday, 18 March 2012

Benefits of Pomegranates vinegar

You may have heard that consuming pomegranate vinegar is good for your body before but unsure of its exact benefits. This article will reveal to you the benefits of pomegranate vinegar to your body. Read on to find out how it can help you to be healthier, protect your memory and even slow down cancer growth.

There is a study published in 2001 that revealed drinking pomegranate juice can reduce systolic blood pressure. Part of the advantage is due to three major antioxidants it contains: ellagic acid, anthocyanins as well as tannins. Pomegranate vinegar can protect you from cardiovascular diseases due to its rich in antioxidants property. Besides that, pomegranates also contain potassium, a nutrient that can lower blood pressure and improve blood flow.

Apart from its ability to lower blood pressure, pomegranate vinegar can also help you to protect memory in the brain. This is because pomegranate is rich in flavanoids, antioxidants that can curb memory decline and mood disturbance especially among older people. The evidence to prove this theory conclusively may be lacking, but the fact that pomegranate contains significant amount of flavanoids, the antioxidant capable to control free radicals cannot be denied. It is advised to consult your doctor first if you decide to consume pomegranates on regular basis.

The next benefit is it may slow down cancer growth. There is no evidence, yet, of its effect on human beings but there are some evidences in test tubes; it stops reproduction of cancer cells. There are indications from test on animals that pomegranate juice reduces the blood flow to tumors thus reducing the size. Two studies published in 2001 by Techion-Israel Institute showed that pomegranate can cause breast cancer cells to self-destruct while at the same time not affecting the normal cells.

There you have it the benefits of pomegranate vinegar to your body. Seeing that they are rich in nutrients and capable to lower blood pressure, protect your memory as well as potentially slow down cancer growth it won't hurt to try it out.


hi ... i enjoyed reading this article and good information...

Thank you. Not many malaysians people are alert to know about pomenegrates vinegar, but pomenegrate fruit; yes. And i think they should practise using it in cooking and drinks for healthy living.

awesome must always write more articles like this,not many people knows something information like this....good job..

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